sdhcp - A tiny dhcp client

sdhcp is a tiny implementation of dhcp. When compiled with dietlibc (CC="diet -Os gcc" make sdhcp) the executable is a mere 8.8K. It also has the most goto per line ratio of any program I’ve ever written. How could this be simple you ask? As it turns out, gotos make the most beautiful state-machine/flowchart translation ever.

About 200 of the 500 lines are for printing the contents of a dhcp header, and come from the plan9 dhcp client, without which this program never would have been possible. It must’ve been the only reasonably clear dhcp implementation on the whole internet.

Both make debug and make generate an executable of the same name with the exception that the debug one spews out every dhcp packet it reads or writes. Both work fine, when make install’d.

sdhcp is the version which contains all the code necessary to put you on the net. It’s a bit larger, and less flexible than the other choice: dhcp-helper.

sdhcp-helper outputs its leases to stdout, relying on another program to configure the network. The advantage is that everything in the client is configuration-agnostic.