About Me

I’m a senior in college, attending Rowan University. Most of my extracurricular activities involve coding of some sort. I’ve participated in a various programming and math contests:

Aside from programming, my loves include skiing, swimming, racquetball, and playing guitar. In high school, I took 4 years of Latin, and 1 year of ancient Greek. Si hoc legis, latinam scis etiam. I have the first 7 lines of the Aeneid memorized. I’m also a huge audiophile, delighted in the acquisition of his first crisp, full, warm, (and very loud) set. Cars greatly interest me – currently I’m restoring a 1985 Camaro.

For the past few years, I’ve made money by doing tech support, and programming jobs over Craigslist. My A+ Certification card generally provided all the necessary credentials for those jobs.

In terms of programming, I write mostly in C. I can write good Java, when necessary, but Python and Perl are much more fun to write in, and I make heavy use of bash. (hurk is mostly bash.) Scheme and Prologue are both very interesting, but I’ve been recently without an opportunity to use them. I’ve started to learn lex and yacc, to make all the parsing simpler. And a little BF and Whitespace, too.

I can be reached at echo ‘davegalos’ | sed -e ’s//@/‘ -e ’s/$/gmail.com/’